TEOS Plug and play solution



Plug-and-play Signage and Room Booking product: no knowledge required to deploy, configure and use TEOS. Quick and simple deployments by simply scanning a QR code of a BRAVIA TV, player or tablet TEOS application to auto-configure. Completely cloud compatible for access from anywhere, at anytime. Mobile first but also desktop compatible to ensure a proper experience from any device. 100+ templates available from weather to food to fashion and corporate


Plug and play solution

With a simple scan or adding the code displayed into your TEOS platform you will be able to add your device into TEOS. With a simple internet connexion, allow your device to display all your content


For signage and room booking

The clear and easy to navigate app will help you to create signage and book meeting rooms quickly and easily. When you are on the move, you don't need the stress of outdated systems!


Quick and simple deployments with QR code scans

Add your device into your TEOS environment and drag and drop quickly a content available or upload your content to be displayed in the device


Mobile first

Interactive, intuitive and accessible - we design our solutions in collaboration with our users. We see the bigger picture and we work hard to create and continually improve a mobile solution that works for you.


100+ content and templates available

Browse our library of beautifully designed templates, apply them to all devices and screens and deliver a professional and consistent brand image across your organisation.